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2018 Constitution now approved.

At the 2017 AGM we voted on a few changes to our constitution and these have now been officially approved by the Victorian Department of Consumer Affairs.  Here is a copy for members.


2017 Gender Equity Update

The AVS has a strong commitment to promote inclusiveness and equity and prevent discrimination. This includes ensuring appropriate inclusion of different ethnicity, genders, early career researchers and researchers from different states and institutions across Australasia.  Attached is an update on our progress towards gender equity.


2017 Financial Statement

As required under our rules members are to be provided with the societies financial statement which is attached below.


Important changes to the AVS Constitution for our next AGM.

The society is proposing some important changes to our current constitution to make the organisation run more smoothly. Please find these proposed changes in the files links below.  The will be considered at the AGM to be held on December 7th, 1-2pm in Ballroom 3-4 at the Stamford Grand, Glenelg, SA, the site of our conference in December.  Also nominations to serve on the AVS committee need to be applied. Please find the nomination form below



AVS Governance

The AVS Executive manages the Society, determines its direction, and monitors its activities against its objectives.

Download the AVS Constitution

Consumer Affairs

The proposed changes, as voted on at the Lorne meeting, have been approved by Consumer affairs Victoria.

Click here to view their approval letter.

Click here to download the updated rules and regulations.


The Society requires each member:

  • to promote the aims of the Society;
  • to behave in such a way as to bring credit to the profession of virology;
  • to use all proper means to maintain the standards of the profession;
  • to respect any confidence gained in the conduct of the profession;
  • to ensure that public statements are fair and objective;
  • not to engage in virological practices restricted by law or professional agreement;
  • to avoid unwarranted statements that reflect upon the character or integrity of other members of the profession;
  • to maintain professional competence by keeping abreast of new information and developments;
  • to support fellow members who find themselves in difficulties on account of their adherence to this Code, and the Society in its efforts to protect them;
  • to recognise responsibility to the community and the environment in protecting each from exposure to undue actual or potential virological hazards;
  • not to engage knowingly in research for the production or promotion of biological warfare agents.

The AVS also endorses the IUMS Code of Ethics against Misuse of Scientific Knowledge, Research and Resources.