University of Otago

Prof Vernon Ward


BSc(Hons) (Otago) Microbiology, PhD (Otago) Virology

Professor of Virology

Department of Microbiology & immunology

Otago School of Medical Sciences

University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand

Tel: +64 (0)3 4799028


Web:  http://micro.otago.ac.nz/our-people/vernon-ward/

Viruses are well known for their ability to cause disease, but the diversity of virus structure and replication offers many opportunities to exploit virus particles, their structure and their replication for beneficial purposes. My calicivirus research involves the study of noroviruses to increase our understanding of the role(s) of viral proteins and the host-virus interaction as well as the development of virus-like particles from Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus for the presentation of peptides and proteins to mammalian immune systems through structure based design and engineering of the viral particle for the development of cell-mediated immunity. I retain an ongoing interest in invertebrate virology, in particular baculoviruses and their use and iridoviruses.