Annual General Meeting December 7th 2021

Call for nominations for positions of Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Officer, Student Representative and up to 5 ordinary members of the Committee of Management.

1. AVS members are invited to nominate for these positions. A brief description of the role of each officer is attached.

2. Student members who have not paid subscriptions are eligible to nominate and vote only for the Student Representative position.

3. All financial members of the Society are eligible to nominate for the offices of Vice President (subject to 4 below), Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Officer, and for the positions of ordinary members of the Committee of Management.

4. Nominees for the position of Vice President must have served on the Committee of Management for an aggregate of at least two years, not necessarily in the current Committee. Under Society by-laws, the current Vice President takes up the position of President at the AGM.

5. Nominees are encouraged to seek information about these roles from the current members of the Committee of Management.

6. The deadline for receipt of nominations is close of business on Monday November 8th 2021, with the attached form to be emailed to the Secretary. Nominees should provide information about themselves: up to half an A4 page, including a photo and text (minimum 12 point font).

7. The information provided by nominees will be circulated to all Society members so they have time to consider the material.

8. If there is more than one nomination for any position, a secret ballot will be held at the AGM. All financial members of the Society are eligible to vote, whether present at the AGM or not. Votes may be made by those present, or by proxy, or by electronic means. Details of the electronic voting system will be provided in due course.

9. Members of the Society may nominate for a position as ordinary member of the Committee of Management, and in addition, only one officer position.

Members are reminded of the Society’s gender equity policies, and nominations are welcomed from women and from persons of diverse gender.

Changes to the AVS Constitution: to facilitate the holding of elections electronically, a number of small changes are proposed to the constitution. For further details, please email the secretary on

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