Meet our AVS 2022 Student Representative: Emma Harding

Emma Harding is a 3rd year PhD student at UNSW Sydney in Professor Peter White’s research group. Emma’s research focuses on ancient viruses – termed paleovirology – through the study of Endogenous Viral Elements in animal genomes. Emma is passionate about the involvement of students in professional societies and building strong research communities for the future. Emma has joined the AVS Committee of Management as our first ever student representative.

AVS Student group seeking your Input

Students are an integral part of the Australasian Virology Society and we are committed to support and encourage the next generation of virologists in the Australasian region. The AVS promotes student research at annual symposiums by providing a platform for students to present their work and network with peers.

We are continually looking for ways to improve the AVS student member experience. If you have any suggestions or feedback on ways we can further promote and support our students, or have general related enquiries, get in touch with our student representative using the form below.

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