Burnet Institute

Professor Gilda Tachedjian

BSc Hons (Monash University) Microbiology, PhD (Monash University) Microbiology, and Postdoctoral training (Columbia University, New York, USA).  Head, Life Sciences Discipline and the Retrovirology and Antivirals Laboratory, and Co-Head of Eliminate HIV at the Burnet Institute. NHMRC Senior Research Fellow. Honorary Professor Department of Microbiology and Immunology Peter Doherty Institute University of Melbourne, Adjunct Associate Professor Monash University Department of Microbiology, and Honorary Professor School of Science, College of Science, Engineering and Health, RMIT University.

Email: gilda.tachedjian@burnet.edu.au
Phone: +613 9282 2256
Web: https://www.burnet.edu.au/working_groups/21_tachedjian_group
Twitter Handle: @GildaTachedjian

The overarching interest of my laboratory is studying antiviral mechanisms against HIV and other emerging viral pathogens with a focus on translating our research into novel antiviral strategies.   My lab has published in the areas of HIV reverse transcriptase, antivirals, drug resistance,HIVprevention research and bat retroviruses. We employ molecular virology, immunology, biochemistry and bioinformatics in our research. Our current research interests include the development of a new drug class for HIV treatment and prevention using fragment-based drug design, understanding the impact of the vaginal microbiota on susceptibility to HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, and studying viruses and restriction factors in bats, a major mammalian reservoir of viral pathogens that are lethal to humans.