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Title First Name Last Name Organisation Position Email Address
Title First Name Last Name Organisation Position Email Address
Dr David Muller University Of Queensland Senior Postdoc
Mr Jaehyeon Kim University Of Queensland Higher Degree Of Research Student
Dr Robin Macdiarmid Plant and Food Research Principal Scientist
Dr Grant Logan Children's Medical Research Institute Senior Scientist
Dr Sofiya Tsimbalyuk Charles Sturt University Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Naresh Poondla Mount Sinai Health System Clinical Research Scientist
Dr Frank Sainsbury Griffith University Senior Lecturer
Dr Natalie Netzler University or Auckland Research Fellow
Miss Grace Jia Huan Yan University of New South Wales Phd Student
Mr Julio Carrera Univeristy of Melbourne PhD Student
Dr Richard Kingston University Of Auckland University Of Auckland
Mr Rhys Parry University Of Queensland Research Officer
Dr Robin Macdiarmid Plant and Food Research Principal Scientist
Professor Merilyn Hibma University Of Otago Professor
DR Barbara Coulson The University Of Melbourne at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity Honorary Principal Research Fellow
Dr Michael Selorm Avumegah University Of Queensland Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Mrs Zahra Telikani La Trobe University, Department Of Physiology, Anatomy And Microbiology PhD student
Dr Bruce Thorley VIDRL Senior Medical Scientist
Mr Francisco Javier Torres Tobar University Of Queensland Phd Student
Dr Renee Traves University of Sydney Post-doctoral Researcher
Ms Alice Trenerry University Of Melbourne Phd Student
Dr Janine Trevillyan Austin Health Head Clinical Virology And Hiv Services
Ms Brooke Trowbridge The University Of Adelaide Masters Of Philosophy Student
Prof David Tscharke Australian National University Hod Immunology And Infectious Diseases
Dr Thomas Tu The Westmead Institute For Medical Research Group Leader
Dr Kylie Van Der Hoek University Of Adelaide Research Scientist
Professor Vernon Ward University Of Otago Professor
Ms Ericka Watts Monash University Phd Student
Dr Anja Werno Canterbury Health Laboratories Clinical Microbiologist
Dr Adam Wheatley University of Melbourne Senior Research Fellow
Professor Peter White University Of New South Wales Professor
Miss Grace Jia Huan Yan Unsw Phd Student
Professor Paul Young University Of Queensland Head Of School
Mr Henrik Zhang Univesity Of Sydney Phd Student
Miss Tianyue Zhao Monash University Biomedicine Discovery Institute Phd Student
Professor Nigel McMillan Griffith University Director Of Infectious Diseases And Immunology
Prof Joanne Meers University Of Queensland Professor Of Veterinary Virology
Ms Ebony Monson La Trobe University PhD
Dr Gregory Moseley Monash University Head - Viral Pathogenesis Lab
Ms Thilini Munasinghe Charles Sturt University PhD Student
Miss Nathalie Nathalie University Of Queensland Phd Candidate
A/Prof Tim Newsome The University Of Sydney Academic
Miss Ellesandra Noye University Of Queensland Student
Miss Elina Panahi Griffith University Ph.d. Candidate
Dr Jody Peters The University Of Queensland Research Fellow
Dr Andy Poumbourios Burnet Institute Co-head Viral Entry And Vaccines Lab
Dr Natalie Prow University Of South Australia Research Fellow
Professor Damian Purcell Doherty Institute, University Of Melbourne Professor Of Virology
Dr NARAYAN Ramamurthy Indian Veterinary Research Institute PhD Student
Dr Daniel Rawle QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute Research Officer
Dr Stephen Rawlinson Monash University Postdoc
Professor William Rawlinson Serology and Virology Division (SAViD) NSW Health Pathology Director Savid
Professor Peter Revill Vidrl, Peter Doherty Institute For Infection And Immunity Laboratory Head
Dr Jason Roberts Victorian Infectious Diseases Reference Laboratory Senior Medical Scientist
Dr. Justin Roby Charles Sturt University Biochemistry Research Fellow
Miss Jessica Ross University Of Melbourne Student
Dr Ahmad Sabir University Of Melbourne Research Assistant
Ms Carolyn Samer The University Of Sydney Phd Candidate
Dr Subir Sarker La Trobe University ARC DECRA Fellow
Ms Felicia Schlotthauer Burnet Institute Phd Candidate
Dr Kirsty Short University Of Queensland PI
Mr Navneet Singh Australian National University Student
Dr Andrii Slonchak University Of Queensland Research Fellow
Ms Georgia Smith Flinders University Student
Professor Gavin Smith Duke-NUS Medical School Professor
Professor Kirsten Spann Queensland University Of Technology Lab / Group Leader
A/Prof Peter Speck Flinders University Associate Professor
Miss Tanu Sridhar Unsw Phd Candidate
Prof Kate Stacey The University of Queensland Professor of Immunology
Dr Aroon Supramaniam Griffith University Research Fellow
Ms Mary Tachedjian CSIRO Senior Experimental Scientist
Prof Gilda Tachedjian Burnet Institute Head, Life Science Discipline
A/Prof Michelle Tate Hudson Institute Of Medical Research Group Leader
Professor Reena Ghildyal University of Canberra Head Of School
Mr Nicolas Ignacio Gonzalez Cid Moseley Lab, Biomedicine Discovery Institute, Monash University PhD Student
Mr Gervais Habarugira The University of Queensland PhD Candidate
Dr Robyn Hall Csiro Research Scientist
Prof Roy Hall University Of Queensland Professor Of Virology
Miss Emma Harding Unsw Sydney Student
Dr Rhodri Harfoot University Of Otago Post-doctoral Fellow
Dr Joshua Hayward Burnet Institute Research Officer
Associate Professor Karla Helbig La Trobe University Group Lead
Dr Lara Herrero Griffith University Research Leader
Miss Francesca Hills University Of Otago Student
Ms Mikayla Hoad Charles Sturt University Phd Student
Mr Jose L. Huaman La Trobe University Phd Student
Dr Adi Idris Griffith University Mid-career Research Fellow
Noushin Jaberolansar
Dr David Jacques Unsw Scientia Senior Lecturer
Miss Brianna Jesaveluk Burnet Institute Phd Student
PhD Candidate Fan Jia University Of South Australia Student
Dr Karyn Johnson The University Of Queensland Associate Professor
Mr Anjana Karawita The University Of Queensland Phd Student
Mr Jaehyeon Kim University Of Queensland Higher Degree Of Research Student
Ms Emily Kirby University Of Adelaide PhD Candidate
Dr Larisa Labzin The University Of Queensland Research Fellow
Dr Blair Lawley University Of Otago Scientific Officer
Mr Jay Laws La Trobe University Student
Miss Elisa Lim Griffith University Phd Student
Dr Sarah Londrigan The University Of Melbourne Senior Research Fellow
Dr Stacey Lynch Agriculture Victoria Research Senior Research Scientist
Ms Stephanie Lynch La Trobe University Phd Researcher
Miss Eilish MACAULEY Flinders University Student
Prof Jason Mackenzie University Of Melbourne Lab Head
Mr Eugene Madzokere Griffith University Phd Candidate
Dr Jackie Mahar University Of Sydney Postdoctoral Associate
Prof Tim Mahony University Of Queensland Professorial Research Fellow
Prof Johnson Mak Griffith Unviersity Professor
Dr Glenn Marsh Csiro Principal Research Scientist
Miss Joey McGregor Burnet Institute PhD Student
Dr Lee Mcmichael University of Queensland Post-doctoral Research Fellow
Miss Jacinta Agius La Trobe University Student
Dr Chantelle Ahlenstiel University of New South Wales Senior Research Fellow
A/Prof David Anderson Burnet Institute Deputy Director
Prof Sassan Asgari University of Queensland Professor
Mrs Ajani Athukorala La Trobe University Phd Student
Dr Shahriar Azad The University Of Auckland Academic Advisor
Professor Michael Beard The University of Adelaide Laboratory Head
Dr. Helle Bielefeldt-Ohmann The University of Queensland Senior Research Fellow
Dr Wes Black Biotopia Ceo
Dr Till Boecking Unsw Group Leader
A/Prof Rowena Bull University of New South Wales Research Academic
A/prof Jillian Carr Flinders University Lecturer
Dr Rob Center Burnet Institute SRO
Dr George Chukwuma Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka Lecturer
Miss Emily Cross Charles Sturt University Phd Student
Mr Keaton Crosse La Trobe University Phd Candidate
Dr Belinda De Villiers Griffith University Post Doctoral Researcher
Miss Ellen De Vries Agriculture Victoria Phd Student
Mr Joshua Deerain Peter Doherty Institute Phd Candidate
Miss Agnes Dela Cruz The University Of Queensland PhD Candidate
Sakthivel Dhanasekaran
Associate Professor Ralf Georg Dietzgen The University Of Queensland Principal Research Fellow
Dr Celeste Donato Murdoch Children's Research Institute Senior Research Officer
Mrs Camilla Donnelly Charles Sturt University Phd Student
Professor Heidi Drummer Burnet Institute Program Director, Disease Elimination
Dr Daniel Enosi Tuipulotu Australian National University Postdoctoral Fellow
Dr Nicholas Eyre Flinders University Research Fellow
Dr Helen Farrell University Of Queensland Senior Research Officer
Dr. Rubaiyea Farrukee University Of Melbourne Research Officer
Professor John Fazakerley University Of Melbourne - FVAS Dean
Professor Jade Forwood Charles Sturt University Professor In Biochemistry