Clin/Prof David Smith

BMedSc; MB BS; FRCPA; FACTM; FASM, FFSc(RCPA)Clinical Professor, School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences; University of Western Australia; Clinical Virologist, PathWest Laboratory Medicine WA

Tel: +61863834438

We have a number of translational and applied research areas related to respiratory virus infections including influenza, RSV and rhinoviruses; arbovirus infections including Murray Valley encephalitis virus, dengue virus, Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus; and emerging infectious diseases. Research activities include molecular epidemiology, clinical and public health impact, pathogenesis, diagnosis, new technologies for organism identification and characterisation, pathogen discovery. The aims are to understand how these viruses impact on human health and to inform the development of improved prevention and control measures. We have a number of national, regional and international collaborations in place.

Dept of Microbiology,
Hospital Avenue,
Nedlands, WA 6009