We are pleased to announce the ‘AVS virtual one-day symposium; 20 years of Australasian Virology’, on the 7th of December 2021. Free to all AVS11 registrants and AVS members.

We have an exciting line up of speakers including Australasian Expats and former AVS rising star award winners, who will give us insights into their exciting careers as well as thrill us with their recent research. There will be a 3min thesis/paper competition for students and ECRs, with prizes to be won.

Don’t forget to get out your best Hawaiian/loud shirt for the virtual best crazy shirt competition!

We look forward to seeing you all at our virtual event, for some fascinating science, excellent student/ECR presentations and all-around fun with the AVS community.

Symposium Speakers

Sonja Best
Sonja Best
Linfa Wang
Linfa Wang
Richard Webby
Richard Webby
John Frewen
John Frewen
Andy Poumbourios
Andy Poumbourios
Tony Cunningham
Tony Cunningham
Keith Chappell
Keith Chappell
Jody Hobson-Peters
Jody Hobson-Peters
Rowena Bull
Rowena Bull

Symposium Program

10:00 am Welcome and opening remarks
10:15 am 20 years of Virology and AVS;
Keynote speaker Prof Tony Cunningham
11:00-11:15 am Morning Tea Break
11:15-12:45 pm Australasian Expats; tackling global problems.
Dr Sonja Best (NIH)
Prof Linfa Wang (Due NUS)
Dr Richard Webby (St Judes)
12:45-2:15 pm Lunch Break
1:00-2:10 pm AVS Annual General Meeting
2:15-3:45 pm Rising Stars of AVS; where are they now?
Andy Poumbourios (AVS1; 2001)
Rowena Bull (AVS; 2013)
Keith Chappell (ASV2; AVS 2003)
Jody Hobson-Peters (ASV; 2015)
3:45-4:30 pm Lessons from coordinating the National Vaccine Taskforce;
General John Frewen
4:30-4:50 pm 3 minute poster/ppt presentation competition for students/ECRs**
4:50-5:05 pm Closing remarks and winner of the best Hawaiian shirt competition^

** please read the guidelines for the competition below. Deadline for submission 30th Nov 5pm AEDT
^Please come dressed in your best and loudest shirt to honour the first AVS1 on Fraser Island in 2001. Prizes to be won!

Presentation competition for students/ECRs

ECR/Student – Video Presentations


Our top 6 submissions;

Ana María Salinas Montalvo; https://youtu.be/8cgaihqN-Wg

Melkamu Bezie Tessema; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qmiCU-1TOk

Brandon E.K. Tan; https://youtu.be/Vszv1y09r1o

Emma Harding; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43W-RTBqgtc

Grace Yan; https://youtu.be/kCDieysP3VE

Carolyn Samer; https://youtu.be/Jopa10A4XYo

Winners to be announced at the symposium.




 AVS 2021 would like to encourage all ECR and students to film a 3-minute video that summarises their project.

Create your video

Use a video camera, webcam or your smart phone to record your video.

  • tip a smart phone creates a smaller file size and will make fore easier post editing

Videos must consist of the author as you would be presenting the project in person.

Videos must be a maximum of three-minutes, any videos over three minutes will be disqualified.

You may use up to three ppt slides.

We encourage the use of props/costumes to enhance the presentation of the science (not to overshadow the science), if suitable. Props are not a requirement.

Please remember that presenting coherent and engaging science is the primary purpose.

The presenting author and co-authors may co-present in the video content.


  • If using your smart phone, mount to a tripod or lean it against an object while you film to avoid shaking.
  • Film indoors in a well lit room to avoid wind noise and glare.
  • Plan your presentation to cover all your points and make the most of your allotted time. If you prefer, film in stages and use editing software to prepare the video. There are a number of free editing software options available for download on the internet.

To submit your video you must do two things;

1) Upload your video

Upload your video to any video sharing website, such as YouTube or Vimeo

2) Send the video file (no greater than 20Mb) and the video link to l.herrero@griffith.edu.au

Submissions are due by Tuesday 30th November 2021 ( Submission deadline now extended to Friday 3 December 5pm AEDT.)

Judging; Videos will be judged on originality, creativity, clarity of the science and communication, enthusiasm.

Videos will be posted online on the AVS website from the 2nd of December with top 5 presented at the one day Symposium on the 7th of December